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PORT   INFORMATION                               117


Water 24 ft. fixed by depth over bar; foa-** floating elevators;
loading or discharging alongside by lighters; 400-500 tons per day;
charges are cheap; 3,300 miles London.


Xew South Wales. Exports: wool, grain, tallow, minerals, frozen
meat, fruits, hides; has appliances for all classes of cargo; deep
water; charges are dear, but loading is qnick; 11,490 miles London.


Java. Exports rubber, rice, coffee: noted for labour loading,
which is slow but cheap; part open roadstead; 8,520 miles London.


Italy. Imports: coal, cotton, rice, petrol, and general; water 30 ft ;
charges are moderate; turnabout moderate; 2,850 miles London.


Finland. Chief trade: timber; fair facilities; charges reasonable:
900 miles Leith.


Exports: mineral ores, grain, lumber, wool; open roadstead but
safe anchorage; berths sufficient for steamers drawing 30 -35 ft.;
slow dispatch; charges are dear; 7,400 miles London via Panama.


British Columbia. Exports: wheat, lumber, mineral ores, canned
goods; deep water and natural harbour; good accommodation;
plenty of elevators; dispatch quick; charges tend to be high; 9,000
Trtilfts London via Panama.


Finland. Water 20 ft,-4O ft. in Trangsund Roads; 1,550 miles
London; 1,250 miles Leith.